One of my favorite ways to enjoy Facebook is on demand. What? You can save content on Facebook to read and enjoy them when you want. This is a great way to curate content for your brand to repost where and when you want and I’m able to make better use of the information I learn from all the accounts I follow.

Save content on facebookEach post in your NewsFeed has 3 dots in the right hand corner. Click on it and you will find a hidden menu including Hide Post, Unfollow the person or page, Report, Save, Turn on Notifications, Embed, and sometimes there are more.

This is essentially a bookmarking function that can be found on your home page/NewsFeed on desktop and in the hamburger menu in the bottom right hand corner of your mobile app. (It’s called a hamburger menu because bun/meat/bun, look at it and you’ll see what I mean.) On your desktop, you will find your Saved items in your left hand side bar marked by a red ribbon.

screenshots to save content on facebook

It Gets Better

I’ve been using this feature for years and just today I noticed a new function. They allow you to categorize your content by topic, they call it a collection. Since I just noticed it today, I imagine dividing my collections into the themes of content that I share.

In order to stay educated, in the loop with new information, and have a steady stream of content that I might share, I follow lots of pages on Facebook. I follow colleagues in my industry, thought leaders, media publications which allows their content to be delivered to my News Feed and all I have to do is Save for later. When I’m ready, I read in batches and might share to my Pinterest boards to offer resources for clients, reshare to Facebook, send it in a private message, or cite as research.

It’s features (or entire tools) like this that allow social media managers to curate and reshare content on an efficient schedule. Try it out!

Saved Section Facebook

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