It seems as if everyone has experienced “The Oversharer.” This is a family member that complains too much or a friend that’s giving a blow-by-blow of her kid’s potty training habits (sorry) or any other account that simply talks too much. Our difference in communication styles has a way of spoiling relationships but there’s a way to salvage them and your social networking experience. Did you know you can mute someone on Facebook? It’s true. Let me show you how.

How to Mute Someone on Facebook

Mute Someone FacebookLook at your NewsFeed and you’ll notice that in the right hand corner of each post, there are three dots. Click on them and you will see a lot of options (see an explanation for the rest below.) The one we are looking for is “Unfollow.” This allows you to effectively mute that person’s posts but you will remain friends. No, they won’t receive a notification that you don’t get their posts. There’s no way for them to tell at all. They will still see your posts (that is if they haven’t unfollowed you) and all will function the way it did before. You simply can no longer “hear” them.

Now, if this is a family member and a holiday or group function comes around, there is a pretty good chance they’ll make reference to a post that you haven’t seen. Prepare your answer now. I say things like, “Oh, I must’ve missed that one”, because #internet, and they’ll never know the difference. You can always navigate to their Profile and catch up on what you’ve missed at your convenience (or ahead of that big holiday gathering.)

Imagine that YOU are the Oversharer. Think twice about what you post. Is it too much? Is this better as a private text or phone call? Post wisely.

Other settings for posts:

  • Hide Post is if just that one post bothers you. Facebook’s algorithm is supposed to remember to show you less of these but I don’t know how really effective that is.
  • Unfollow is the mute button described above
  • Report it if it violates FB policy or is unsafe, violent, or inappropriate.
  • Save post is to keep for later. See this blog about how to save content on Facebook.
  • Turn on notifications is a great feature! It allows you to listen in on a conversation without putting your paws on it. You don’t need to comment or react but you’ll get updates as the conversation unfolds. Great for rubber necking drama or political posts. This also doesn’t affect your algorithm or News Feed.
  • Hide All from This Page is only offered when your friend shares from a page. Maybe you don’t like that page and never want to see their content again – there you go.

Pages sometimes have more functions in the gray drop down arrow menu, like Embed, so you can put it in your blog or other website. But you can use most of these functions with pages or friends.

Now, go enjoy your Feed again!

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    • Kerry Rego
      Kerry Rego says:

      Great point, Sally! I’m going to update the blog with a mention of being able to still see their posts by navigating to the Profile.


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