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Hey Kerry,

We’ve gotten some momentum on our Facebook page recently and are wondering about how you usually “follow up” with those who interact with your posts. Do you just let them come to you or do you reach out to them? Thanks!

Dear Friend,

When you follow up on social media with those that interact with your posts can be viewed as a bit creepy unless they specifically ask to be communicated with. When someone likes a post, no response is expected. When someone comments, you can reply and attempt to strike up a conversation within the comment stream. This is an opportunity to ask questions about their needs or offer further assistance. I wouldn’t do a hard pursue as it will turn people off.

That said, some of the tools (such as Facebook) have promotional options that allow you to create advertising that can be set to target those that interact with your page. The advertising guidelines are strict so promoting to visitors and those that have engaged is approved. When you are targeting on your own (reaching out to and communicating with those that engage), you can run afoul of the laws.

I hope this answers your question! Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you have here or on Facebook.



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