Social Media Brings History to Life!

I presented to the Sonoma County Historical Society at the Sonoma County Library on 6/18/16 and these are the resources I located and wanted to share with the attendees.

Facebook Historical Museum Examples (good use of 360 photos & native video) (voted best patriotic tourist attraction but uses youtube and doesn’t work well)

Twitter Historical Museum Examples

Resources & Information

Tools (Majors)

Tools (Niche)

Heritage Tourism

quote “capturing and airing historical information that otherwise would have to be visited to be seen…”
“According to a 2011 study by the American Alliance of Museums, 78% of leisure travelers are interested in participating in cultural or heritage activities while vacationing. These heritage tourists spend 63% more money than recreation or relaxation tourists. They stay longer, they go out of their way to support local businesses, and they are more likely to maintain connections to people they meet along the way.”

quote “The maturing of the Millennial generation (people ages 20-35) is driving these trends. As Millennials settle into careers and start families, they are prioritizing travel. As the most college educated generation in American history, but strapped by school loans and slow starts in the job market, they are transforming the tourism market with expectations of local experiences that combine fun and learning (“experiential” or “edutainment”). They have less money to spend per person, less paid vacation time, and rarely have a personal savings, but they are choosing to spend their limited resources closer to home and in support of cultural heritage. It’s important to note that the Millennials were educated at a time of a blossoming of Global Studies curriculum and international academic travel as standard hallmarks of the four-year experience. They are taking the critical thinking skills they developed while studying cultures abroad and turning them inward.
The small minority of museums using technology to showcase their collections, hiring professional staff, and responding to the visitation trends are seeing unprecedented success.”

Freedomtrail Foundation Facebook

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