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The longer Facebook is a part of all our lives, the more messages I receive through the Facebook Messenger app. One recent afternoon, I was communicating with 4 people all at the same time on my mobile and felt like I had whiplash. You may not know this but there’s a better way to manage these messages.

Managing Facebook Messenger on Mobile

If you do business on FB, you’ve probably recognized the shortcomings of using your phone to answer professional communications. I type 80 words a minute and get frustrated at only using my thumbs to respond. When I want to copy, paste, or record important information the limitations of mobile and it’s tiny keyboard are an efficiency killer.

When I discovered that I could use Facebook Messenger through my desktop computer, I got really excited. It ends up being an open tab in my browser and an alternate/addition to my traditional email. It feels like a brilliant hack and I wanted you to know that you can use it too!

It’s really nice to be able to see the communications more clearly and have an overview of recent chats. Of course, you can FB call and video chat with your friends as well. This will save you cell data charges as well.


Soon, the Messenger chatbots will allow you to get customer service and make purchases through the platform so you’ll see expansion of it’s capabilities in the very near future. Get comfortable with it now, watch it grow, and be more efficient with your time.

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Image back story: I saw a sponsored post by Barkbox and asked if they made products for bunnies since I don’t have a dog. Their response was immediate and well done. Kudos to them for staying on brand, being uber responsive, and answering my question. Their suggestion sent me to Google where I found exactly what I needed.

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