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Facebook groups are a great way to connect with people like family, teammates, industry professionals, or coworkers. Groups are more collaborative than Pages, as everyone can have a say, and communications in groups are balanced in delivery versus just coming from the administrator. There are more than 600 million groups in use and you may have started your own. If you have and it’s outlived it’s usefulness, here’s how to delete a Facebook Group:

  • Navigate to your group (you must be an Admin)
  • Click on Members
  • Click on the gear next to each member’s name
  • Choose Remove from Group
  • Do this to each member until you are the only person left
  • Remove yourself

And voila! The group vanishes.

Delete Facebook Group


~Side note: Yes, Bacon Lovers Unite! is a real Facebook group. (I’m clearly obsessed with bacon.) You can join, we’d love to have you!~

In case you need a run down on how privacy settings affect Group visibility, here is a breakdown of the different types of groups. They can be set to secret, private, or public. Secret groups can’t be seen in search, closed can be seen although only members can see the conversations, and public groups are visible by everyone.

Please let me know if you are having a problem when trying to delete a Facebook group or any other Facebook questions. I’d love to help! Check out my other Facebook blogs.



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