I recognize the needs of my clients when I’m consistently asked the same question. Recently I was asked how to respond to Yelp reviews by several different clients within just a few days. It hadn’t occurred to me that this information wasn’t easy to find so I decided to write a blog to make sure I have a resource to share with those that ask.

You must have a Business Yelp account

Most people don’t realize this is the case. There are two different ways to use Yelp, as a reviewer or as a business owner. The first step is to claim your business. Once you do that, you can respond privately or publicly to any review you receive.

  • Log in at
  • Click on Reviews in the sidebar
  • Your visible reviews will be listed or you may have “reviews not currently recommended” in gray (these are the ones that are hidden)
  • Choose how you want to comment via private message or public comment

Yelp Public Comment

How Should You Respond?

When it’s positive, say Thank You! When it’s been a long time since the review was posted, respond anyway. The people that are checking out your reviews will notice that you never responded if you don’t. Even if the response is years later, they are more likely to take note of the content rather than the gap of time.

Is It Bad?

Check out these resources I wrote “Dealing With Negative Online Comments” and “The Crisis Will Come. Are You Ready?” to help in dealing with a less than stellar review.

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