I spend a lot of my time in social media teaching and consulting. I’m really good at marketing myself and my skills (I should be since I teach others to do it) but there’s one service I’ve never really advertised. My office mate called me, “The Fixer.” He’s right. I fix a tremendous amount of social media problems and tech headaches. (The featured photo is capturing my sense of accomplishment after I successfully fixed a major Google problem for a client.)

The story goes something like this

A person attending one of my classes or a current client will say, “Can you take a look at my Facebook page / Google+ account / Twitter feed? Something is wrong and it doesn’t work right.” When I get under the hood, I see what happened. A well intentioned friend fiddled around and crossed some important wires.

The social media expert

This is the client’s child or marketing consultant. They “use Facebook all the time” and know everything about how it works. They truly have nothing but the best intentions. Yet, they screw it up. I call this unraveling. My job is to untie the knots that someone mistakenly tied when originally setting up the account. I think at some point they realize how badly it’s going and they back away from the disaster they’ve created.

The social media fixer

I re-admin business-only Facebook accounts, reassign Google+ business pages, fix settings, merge duplicate pages and accounts, know how to reach customer service on each major channel, spend hours dealing with representatives, and just generally save my clients from the pain and heartache that comes with the technical issues of social media. I am the fixer.

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