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One of the most common short phrases that I send digitally is “No problem.” It’s often in response to someone that I’m meeting that’s running late for our appointment. As soon as I got in my car this morning, I received an email from my client telling me she was 15 minutes behind. I love hearing that because then I’m not worrying about them and I can use that time to my advantage (I cleaned my desk). I responded with my simple “No problem.” and realized that this was the perfect opportunity to create a much needed shortcut.

What’s a shortcut?

On your iOS device you can set your own abbreviated words. Now all I have to do is type “np” and my phone or tablet will translate it for me. Sweet! It’s really simple, follow these steps and try making a shortcut for iOS yourself:

  • Settings
  • General
  • Keyboard
  • Shortcuts
  • +
  • Phase is what you want to say “No problem.”
  • Shortcut is what you’ll type “np”
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