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All the Social Media tools you need to get started – all in one handy little book.

I Need Your Help to Finish!

Hi! I’m Kerry Rego and I’m a social media consultant, educator, author, columnist, and speaker. My passion is to teach people to use technology to, not only improve their lives and bottom lines, but to help them change their world. My credentials for your consideration:

  • County of Sonoma social media consultant
  • Sonoma State University social media instructor
  • Santa Rosa Junior College community education instructor
  • North Bay Business Journal columnist
  • North Bay Woman (Marin Independent Journal) contributor
  • Vistage speaker
  • My full LinkedIn profile

My clients and students have been asking me for a long time to provide them with “all they need to know” when it came to social media. Well, it’s impossible to include everything but I can provide them (and you!) with an easy to understand step-by-step process on how to deploy smart social media as if I was right beside them. So I wrote this book just for you and now I need your help to go the extra distance and I created a crowd fundingcampaign on Indiegogo.


“The Social Media Starter Kit”

This book is your guide to establish your social plan, how to set up a system for success, and will provide you peace of mind because at the end you’ll know what’s important to a great social media presence. The book covers:

  • strategy
  • the tools to use
  • crisis plans
  • policies
  • how to hire the right person for the job
  • measuring return on investment
  • templates for getting started
  • value added digital content
  • and so much more

Anyone that wants to get started and understand what social media is about, what’s important, and what to watch out for can read this book quickly and have a guide to return to when they need it. Low cost, value-based education on social media is very hard to find, trust me, educating is what I do.


It’s Low Risk!

The awesome part for you is, the book is already written. I’m doing my edit now and will be sending off to my editor a couple days after this campaign starts. I’ll keep you up-to-date on it’s progress. The funding period ends on 9/28/14, the next day is my 8th business anniversary, and the official day the book is available for sale  [I timed it that way ;)] so you will get your perks lickety split. This campaign is setup with Flexible Funding so even if I don’t meet my $5,000 goal, I still get what you help me raise minus costs to Indiegogo and transfer fees.

All that’s left:

  • Editor review
  • Formatting finishing
  • Inserting images
  • Inserting videos
  • Creating the workbook

With your support, I can pay all the bills listed below. Your book is almost ready to be printed!


The Budget

I independently published my first book and the cost was tough to swallow as a small business owner. I decided to create a crowdfunding campaign this time so that it’s not so difficult on me to get it on the shelves. If you are so generous, here is where your donations will go:

  • $118 – ISBN (International Serial Book Number) registration
  • $20 – Bar code
  • $25 – Expanded distribution for sales to schools
  • $107 – Template for paperback & digital book formatting
  • $29 – Domain purchase, 2 years plus tax
  • $300 – Copyediting
  • $700 – Graphic design (cover, interior art, workbook, collateral)
  • $1,500 – Video production for interior of book
  • $400 – Printing of collateral and workbooks
  • $900 – Photography for cover and promotional, digital copies
  • $20 – Preview copy
  • $880 – First run, 300 copies of the book includes shipping

$4999 – TOTAL 


Other Ways You Can Help

Maybe you can’t contribute, and that’s cool, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Share this with your friends, family, and colleagues
  • Send this to anyone that needs this book!

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