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If you only do one thing….

One of the smallest actions you can take that will have the biggest impact on the success of your business is to claim your Google+ Local listing.

What is that?

It’s the address and information that Google serves to people when they type in the name of your business.

Don’t think it’s important?

This business information is put into Search, Maps, and Google+. You probably already have a listing. Go type your business name into Google’s Search, I’ll wait.

Did you like what you found?

If you didn’t register your organization, Google may have done it for you. If you don’t have control over the listing, you can claim it here. And here is the Help Section in case you need it.

Report a Problem Google Map Driving DirectionsThe issue with Google having entered your information for you is that it may be incorrect. Specifics such as address, suite number, phone number, hours of operation, directions and more may be woefully wrong. I had a client call me, lost and flustered, a few blocks away from my office. She was irritated that the driving directions Google gave her were wrong. I couldn’t understand how it was possible but after I guided her to my office over the phone, I tested the directions myself and it was leading to some random block parallel to the correct location. My client was not happy and it didn’t matter who was at fault. It made me look bad. I reported the problem to Google by using the Report a Problem link at the bottom of the instructions (see image).

No big deal, you say

Tell that to the Serbian Crown Restaurant owner in Great Falls, Virginia. Google took it upon themselves to be “helpful” in creating a listing for the small restaurant but they got some minor details wrong – such as their operating hours. The listing showed that the exotic eatery was closed on the weekends, their busiest time. The impact this listing had on their business is lasting. They claim the 75% drop in business is directly related, of course there may be other factors at play, but we will find out in court as the owner is suing Google.

Claim Your Space

Take ownership over your online presence. It may be the most powerful social media action you ever take.

Kerry Rego Consulting Google Listing

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  1. Dino Basaldella
    Dino Basaldella says:

    Very informative post, Kerry!  

    I couldn’t agree more; it is very important for local businesses, to claim and verify their listing. Google has made the process a bit more intuitive with the Google My Business (GMB) dashboard.  It is also important to ensure the website’s NAP profile is consistent across all citation sources (not always an easy chore), and of course, determine whether or not duplicate listings exist – which can negative impact upon visibility in local search results.

    You are probably already aware, but just in case… Google released a major update to their local algo last week that has us Local SEOs scrambling for insights ;-)  Many local businesses dropped from the 7-pack overnight. Example: query “real estate agents” – gone! No more local results. Google claims the new algo focuses more upon web-based signals than before. We are now seeing the 3-pack re-appear as well for local results.

    In spite of these recent algo updates by Google, the information you presented remains extremely important for local business owners to get in order, and plays a major part in the 200+ factors taken into consideration by Google’s Local algo when determining the business’ rank positioning (i.e., visibility) in the Local 7-pack results.


    • Kerry Rego
      Kerry Rego says:

      Thanks, Dino, for the detailed information. It’s good to know about the update to the algorithm for sure. I directed people to look up their own business/address so that they can see if there is any listing at all which will include duplicates.
      This blog is written for the average person so that they understand the value of the listing and can talk directly to their webmaster or other IT professional they work with on their presence. But I truly appreciate the technical assistance from you. I must understand the important stuff so I can distill the necessary to the average consumer. Thanks again!


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