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I deal with a lot of banks in my life, just like you do, I’m sure. Let me list the ways: checking accounts, business banking, mortgages, car payments, HSA, college funds, credit cards, and only a few of mine are housed under the same roof. I regularly drop off a payment or walk into a branch when I need to get a payment in on time. Here’s an example of great social customer service.

A few months ago, I walked into my local branch of Redwood Credit Union that I experienced to have very long lines. To be honest, I’m never in the best mood when I go into this credit union because they held the note for my car (not their fault and I’ve since paid it off). But on this day, the line was at ridiculous proportions and I was upset. I almost never check-in on Facebook but I had so much extra time on my hands, I couldn’t resist.

Redwood Credit Union Social Media Customer Service

Now, I know A LOT of people that work at this company including the CEO. They do amazing things in the community and I have respect for them but as a customer, on that day, I was ticked. I did something that was sort of a test. Companies rarely pass.

I should mention that I’m Facebook friends with the woman that runs their social media, Traci. She’s a sharp lady so I’m not surprised she saw my post but I was still surprised by how well she handled it. My original post was “Always 900 people in line.” and through the entire interaction, she treated me kindly and with respect, offering me lots of options. Not only is she a credit to RCU’s name, she’s exactly the type of person that works there – thoughtful and caring.

Now I’m not sad that I paid my car off but I will always remember this interaction and how well she represented her company. Seriously, Traci provided amazing social customer service. #ftw

Shhhh….listen. Your customers are talking.

RCU Social Media Customer Service

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