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I co-teach a Professional Social Media Certification course at Sonoma State University and during one class session a student asked, “How do you know you’ve failed?” The teacher lecturing at the moment looked at me and we had a quiet moment between us as we both thought how to answer this. We were of the same mind.

Thomas Edison Social Media Failure Quote

Social media is largely trial and error

You start with an end goal and a hypothesis. All you can do is keep trying consistently and learn from what occurs. As you go, your skills and experience grow and you alter your approach as necessary. Social media failure isn’t even a concept that arises, it becomes “try it again.” You WILL find a million things that don’t work but you’ll also find what does.

As a result of my use of social media, I now know that failing isn’t possible. After awhile, you get immune to the false word of “failure.”

Feel like you’re failing at social media? Reach out to me and we can turn that around.

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