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(Excerpt from Get Social With Kerry Rego, a regular monthly column in the North Bay Business Journal)

The use of social media for business has long been misunderstood as “free.” At first glance, the majority of tools that are available are free of charge. It took some time before some realized that there is a cost: content creation, design fees, and labor. Like any other form of communication or advertising, there are obvious as well as hidden costs.

Since the beginning of corporate social media use, most people only thought of one or two uses for the medium. One of my favorite examples of the possibilities belongs to Dose of Digital. Their list of “The 7 Cs of Social Media Usage” are: Communicating, Cause Support, Contests, Consumer Research, Connecting with Others, Customer Service, and Community Building.

We are social beings and we need each other for our physical and psychological survival. Facebook is the biggest and most popular of the social tools because it’s performing this function better than any other for the largest amount of people. But remember, no king reigns forever.

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