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There are a mind boggling amount of social media tools available and I don’t expect you to use all of them. No one does. Which ones are right for your business or objectives? The ones that are important to your target audience, the ones THEY use. That said, if you’re going to set up the tools, you do need to actually use them. If that means less accounts, then that’s a good thing.

Social Media is not magic. It requires effort.

Not sure if you want to use a new tool? Research it to see what it does and if it’s used by the demographic you’re targeting (I like to use Pew Internet Research to learn more about my target audience and their digital usage.) Test it out. Use it. If you decide it’s not right for you, close it down. How will it look to a prospective client when they look you up and they find a league of abandoned accounts littering the web? Trust me, it does not create a positive impression of your brand.

Not all channels are good for all brands or purposes. If you brother corners you at a family dinner and tries to bully you into using Twitter because he loves it, that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Knowing who your audience is and where they are on the web will give you more confidence for just these type of conversations.

More is rarely better

No one that knows what they’re doing will tell you that you need to use all the social media tools. Use the ones you’ve got and use them well.

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