Resources are forthcoming for my November 21, 2013 Ignite talk in Sebastopol, CA titled “Using Your 5 Senses: Future Tech and How It Will Touch You.”

See my previous talk here.

Slide 1 Person Prezi hand made drawing

Slide 2 Square

Slide 3 Corning – A Day Made of Glass

Slide 4 iWatch

Slide 5 Nest Thermostat

Slide 6 IKEA

Slide 7 Child Abuse Image

Slide 8 Tesco QR code shoping

Slide 9 Google Glass

Slide 10 Retina Scanning Minority Report movie still

Slide 11 Smell

Slide 12 Perfume

Slide 13 Food monitoring bracelet

Slide 14 Space food

Slide 15 Musical Poster
TED Talk with more examples

Slide 16 Shazaam Jaguar Ad

Slide 17 Virtual Assistant with Voice Recognition

Slide 18 Bord
Jetsons Hanna Barbera

Slide 19 Touch the Future

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