There are times when you will need add a new admin to your Facebook page such as when you hire a social media manager, you need a consultant like me to fix something, or when another team member need to post as well. It’s a smart idea to have at least two people assigned to be admins of the page so that if your account is compromised or shut down, the page won’t be affected.

Here are instructions on how to add an admin to your Facebook page:

  • Navigate to Page
  • Click on Edit Page on the Admin Panel
  • Choose Manage Admin Roles
  • Type the admin’s email into the blank new admin box (the one they use to log into Facebook)
  • In the drop down menu, choose what level admin you want them to be
  • Choose Save and enter your personal password

If you worry about your Facebook admin taking control of your page, you can change what level access they have – manager, content creator, moderator, advertiser, or insights analyst. Click here to learn more about the differences.

facebook admin levels

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