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One of the most common questions that I’m asked is how to remove connections on LinkedIn. It’s a great idea to clean up every once in awhile. The best part of cleaning up your connections list is that they will not get notified! Promise.

Reasons to Disconnect

  • You have hundreds of connections but don’t really know them
  • The person only adds spam, and no value, to your feed
  • Less FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Clutter is stressful
  • The person has passed away

Here’s How to Remove Connections on LinkedIn

  • Log in to LinkedIn
  • Choose My Network from the menu bar
  • Choose Connections
  • Next to each person’s name there are 3 dots (…) click on that
  • Choose Remove Connection
  • LinkedIn will ask if you’re sure about it, then will ask you to confirm


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  1. Eris Weaver
    Eris Weaver says:

    Hi, Kerry! Thanks for this post – it has always annoyed me that it is so hard to do this in LinkedIn.
    I followed your steps but I do not see “Remove Connections” ANYWHERE on the Contacts page….


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