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Have you noticed I haven’t been writing lately? I have been anxiously awaiting returning to content creation but was in the middle of a website redesign and I didn’t want to muddy the waters.

As a social media trainer, I get to work with some amazing tools every day and my site needed a new coat of paint and a tuneup to stay in line with mobile web browsing. My new site is responsive, meaning that no matter what device you view it from, it will resize to fit your viewing needs. No maintaining a mobile site AND main site because it’s all the same thing.

I highly recommend my web designer, Kevin Gallagher of Inbound Design. He works in WordPress, created my last website as well as this one, and we’ve worked together on many projects. He’s a great guy, easy to work with, and I’m always happy with the finished product.

Now that it’s done, back to writing!

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