I bet you are missing out on a ton of communications from leads on your Facebook page. I suspect you trust the notification system. I’ve been an owner and manager of hundreds of pages over the years. Some I own, some I build and hand off to clients, some I simply monitor from the backend for project purposes. (We won’t even get into how many groups I own, manage, or participate in). On average, I have about 16 pages tied to my personal account at any given time. I do not trust the notification system. It simply isn’t reliable.

What’s the solution?

Make a habit of physically visiting your main or most important pages every single day. In fact, you should be checking them multiple times per day.

“There’s no way I have time for all that.” you say. Do you check your voicemail or email more than once per day? Gotcha.

Navigate to the Pages, and any other social media properties, that are important to you. Whether it’s via mobile app or plug in on your desktop, – GO CHECK YOUR MESSAGES. You are missing leads, you are ignoring clients, you are not paying attention to your most loyal followers. Your Twitter mentions,  Facebook Recent Posts by Others, Facebook Business Page Private Messages, Event comments, Google+ notifications, YouTube comments, Pinterest notifications, etc.

Think of them like telephones. Businesses regularly have multiple phone lines, right? It doesn’t matter which extension, office, or 800 number I dial. Those phone calls are all answered, messages taken, and/or responded to in some fashion. It’s not a stretch of your labor abilities or imagination. If you treat social media like phone lines, you will value them more.

Why should you do this?

To put it simply – because you are in business to make money. I’m going to assume that if your customers order  your services via phone, email, or Facebook that you value the money they want to spend with you regardless of where the order comes in.

Your customers are talking to you.

Make sure you listen and respond in a timely manner or they will go to your competition. Now go check your messages.

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