I’m happy to see that LinkedIn has also added two step verification to their settings. Take a look at the Slideshare below to follow the easy instructions on how to add this feature to your profile. The benefit is that when anyone logs into your account, you get a text on your mobile phone with a long number that must entered in order to gain access to your account. The downside is that it takes a few extra seconds to get in. Wouldn’t you rather the extra time to gain the peace of mind that even if someone captures your log in information, they most likely won’t be able to do damage with your profile and information? You can get your Twitter verification as well.

  • Navigate to your account settings
  • Under the Account tab, choose Manage Security Settings
  • (Anytime you are mucking around in settings, it will ask for your email & password, and it will here)
  • Choose Turn ON Two-step verification for sign-in
  • LI will ask for your mobile number and will send you a text to confirm
  • Enter the 6 digit number and you will be all set up

Two-step verification on LinkedIn from LinkedIn


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