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(Excerpt from Get Social with Kerry Rego, a regular monthly column in the North Bay Business Journal) In my column last month (Social media strategy increases odds for success, April 1, 2013), I wrote about how imperative it is to have a plan for your social endeavors. Many business owners and marketers approach me to ask, “Should I be on Facebook? Should I be using LinkedIn?” It’s never a simple answer because there are many factors that go into the decision to use a particular social tool. Choosing to use a platform for the wrong reasons can doom your plan so I’d like to expand on how one makes that decision.

First, I ask if they have their goals established and then I inquire about their audience. In order to know which tools are appropriate for your objectives, you must know whom you are trying to reach with your marketing message. An accounting company that serves the wine industry will need to take a different communication approach than one that works exclusively with retail.

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