How to Hide Your Birthday on Facebook

Some people love to get birthday messages on Facebook.

Heck, the first year I was on I couldn’t figure out why no one wished me a happy birthday when my turn came. I realized I had the setting turned off (knowing a lot about reputation management can have its drawbacks).

And some people don’t.

If you’d like to hide your birthday on Facebook, here’s how to make sure all 900 of your friends aren’t notified, prompted to write on your wall, or purchase a sponsored product.

  • Navigate to your profile (updated January 2016)
  • Click About under your cover photo
  • Click Contact and Basic Info
  • Scroll down until you see your birthdate, hover over Birth DATE or Birth YEAR
  • Click on Edit and choose whom can see either (I have it set to Friends for Date and Only Me for Year)

*If you select Only Me for your birth DAY, no one will know it’s your birthday and you will receive no birthday wishes from your friends.

**If you select Only Me for your birth YEAR, no one will know your age.

How to hide your Birthday on Facebook - Kerry Rego Consulting

Not showing your birthday to the entire world is a good preventative measure to take against identity theft. Now that we can piece together more and more about each other based on the sheer volume available about us online, be safe where you can.

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Featured image is me blowing out my candles on my 6th birthday 🙂

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  • this does not work it absolutely does not work. I do not want my birthday on facebook. I have set the privacy setting to Only Me and the birthday STILL SHOWS. My privacy is very import ant to me and I need help to fix this please

  • Sorry, this is the standard answer on Facebook sites, and it doesn’t work.

    • Tony, I get 3-4 comments on this blog per week and it’s 50/50. It works for a lot of people, I’m sorry it’s not working for you.

    • This is a quote from the blog I wrote “I found the following instructions in a Facebook Community thread, tried it, and it worked!”

  • Hi! I don’t want to hide my birthday, if somebody wants to know can view it on my profile. BUT: I do not want facebook send reminders to my contacts about my birthday. Is it possible?

    • That’s the setting that turns off the notifications being sent. I double checked. What you can do is hide your birthday during the week it occurs (I always get some the day before and the day after) and make it visible again afterwards.

  • Does not work. Mine are set to “only me” (both day and year), yet friends are notified. And the statement above that “it works for some but not for others” simply does not make logical sense.

    • David, I’m sorry to hear that it doesn’t work for you. It may seem illogical that these instructions work for the majority of people but that there are a few accounts that this simply doesn’t fix the problem. Unfortunately, application and web design (Facebook is both of these) aren’t always logical. That’s when the errors occur.

  • I try to change my birth date, it will take the change, but I come back and it’s changed back to original date.  How do I cHange to make it stay?

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