Have you ever wanted to tag a Facebook Page in one of your Page posts? This function is very similar to the one you can use on your personal profile when you want to tag a friend in a photo, event, comment, or post. Tagging creates a direct link between your Page and another Page.

Note: Pages can rarely tag People and their Profiles. Otherwise brands would spam people all day long and ruin the fun of it.

Find the @ symbol on your keyboard above the 2. The trick is to type the @ and start typing the name of the Facebook page, go slowly because FB will auto-suggest pages for you and it can be very easy to choose off the list. Try it with and without spaces, if necessary.

tag a facebook page screenshot 1

While you are still in Edit mode, before you’ve hit “Post”, text tagged text will be highlighted in blue. Like this:

tag a facebook page screenshot 2

The benefits of tagging other brands include:

  • Cross promotional branding (Rose from Potluck and I are working together on some projects)
  • Allows one brand to “shout out” another and this creates goodwill
  • The other brand will receive a notification BUT depending on the technical skill of the admins of that Page, it might not even be seen by them.
  • As I mentioned previously, it creates a direct link between your Pages via the post. Think carefully that you want to do so. When you hit “Post” it will look like the screenshot below. My mouse is hovering over the tag and the hypercard pops up and can lead me away from the Page.

tag a facebook page screenshot 3

There are times that the page I want to tag doesn’t show up in the suggestions or I can’t get the tag to work. This is when I hit pause and jump to another browser tab. I open FB and search in the navigation bar for the page. A few different scenarios for why something isn’t working:

  • The organization named the page differently than your expectation. If often makes sense when you see how they did it but searching in FB’s search bar will help you find them.
  • There may be multiple versions of that brand or page (an example: a college will have a main page, alumni, foundation, academics, sports departments, etc.) Take an extra moment to make sure you’ve got the right one. I use the profile image/logo to help me keep the pages straight.
  • Occasionally, the tag just won’t work and that’s usually a fluke that gets fixed shortly. It’s rare a tag won’t work today, tomorrow, and next week. But sometimes you can’t get it to work right now (which is when you need it). See the next one….
  • Try tagging in the page in the comments. This might be because you forgot to do it when creating the post or you don’t want it visible in the main section. You have options.

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