Video has the power to influence the way your audience and customers feel about you. A recent example of how you can do this is the new video that Facebook released that explains their NewsFeed redesign. Facebook has never been good at offering explanations about what they are doing and that they are, in fact, listening to their customers.

They have a horrible reputation for not caring and doing whatever they feel like. This may not be true. They might care very much but they have not been good at demonstrating it either way.

I work with a county services agency that has an image problem. Whether or not the press about them is true, I told the executive director that she really needs to get in front of the camera and address the myths and misconceptions that are floating around. By dealing with it personally and head-on, you can reduce the amount of misinformation and rumor spreading about your organization.

Show your customers your face and tell them what you want them to know. It will drastically change what they think when they hear the words coming out of your mouth.

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