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Rapportive sidebarI tested out the Rapportive add-on for my Gmail boxes today. The description on their site is “get rich contact profiles right inside Gmail” and that’s accurate. You hook up your Facebook or LinkedIn to see the contact information of the person that emailed you and you can also see previous emails from that person to the right of the email view pane. You can make notes, edit information, and send new email from the sidebar. Right now, I’m only connected via LinkedIn and it shows me whether or not you and I are already connected. This is a quick way to connect with new people right from your homebase. There are also apps you can use within Rapportive such as MailChimp, Bookingbug, Bantam Live and more. It was easy to install and so far it does what it says. It’s a fairly simple connection between your main form of communication (email) and your social networks.

Install and see if you like it. Do you know of any other great add-ons I should know about? Tell me in the comments.

Let me know if you need some help with this or other tech issues.


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