What you don't know about social media can hurt you cover

I know it sounds odd, a social media consultant writing a dead tree book.

As long as I’ve been working in social media, I have received requests for DVDs or other recorded materials from my clients and seminar attendees. Social media changes from minute to minute, day by day, so I took my time in selecting a subject that would stand the test of time.

Watching people, listening to their concerns, and tracking trends for years gave me my answer. Technologies change and brands get sold. What stays the same is us, for our whole lives. What I know to be true is that you spend your whole life developing your character and reputation and today, one post, one video, one stupid mistake, can be your ruin when it’s online. While many of my client requests are for Facebook page building, LinkedIn understanding, social media strategies, and measuring marketing channels, I knew they needed more.  When I started adding reputation management and personal branding to my services, my clients were shocked at what we found. They felt uneducated and helpless to change what others saw on search engines.

There’s a ton of marketing and business focused social media resources available. What I don’t see much of is easy to understand information for business owners, schools, parents, children, and people of all walks of life on how to navigate the web, understand what’s happening, stay safe, and build a positive route for success. This book is a start.

This is my higher calling:

  1. Educate people on the truth of the situation and how it affects them.
  2. Assure them there are ways to be proactive and assertive.
  3. Empower them with action items they can perform to protect themselves and their loved ones.

This book is not about social media strategy specifically, though I do cover it. This book is for everyone to use, understand, and learn what tools are available to control how they are seen online when they aren’t around to speak for themselves.

I know not everyone likes social media or wants to use it. Many aren’t ready yet and may never be but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the information should they desire it. I wrote a paperback book because I want to reach as many people as possible, particularly those that aren’t constantly attached to technological devices, this book is first and foremost for them. And for those that prefer digital books,  it’s also available in Kindle format and soon in iBook. You can get your copy here.

Plain and simple, this subject is too important to neglect. Knowledge is power.

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