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Everyone and their mother is using social media.

Social Media Reputation Management by Kerry RegoWhat about those that aren’t interested? Kerry Rego is the leading social media and reputation management consultant in Sonoma County and she has written a book geared for this audience. These individuals and business owners doubt the value of digital media, don’t want to use online tools, but need to understand the risks of inaction when it comes to their reputation.

Kerry’s specialty is helping everyday people navigate and understand the confusing world of new media. Her book is easy to understand, non-threatening, and covers: the meaning of reputation management, risks and liabilities, the effect digital resources have on how business is being conducted today, how even the most basic online tools are useful in maintaining a positive reputation, managing a brand crisis online, legal issues, privacy and communication policies, an Action Item list to get a damaged reputation upgraded, and a simple Strategy to keep it clean with minimal effort and cost. Reputations are being exalted and smeared online every single day and this book arms people with the tools to protect their name.

Every physical copy ordered through my store gets signed by me! Or you can buy a Kindle copy here.

Reputation Management Book Table of Contents


Who Can Use This Book

Chapter 1: Your Reputation Is At Risk

  • What is Reputation Management?
  • Your personal reputation
  • Consequences for the individual
  • What a compromised reputation means for your business
  • Case study: Sons of Maxwell

Chapter 2: The New Business Environment

  • What is Social Media?
  • The benefits of using Social Media?
  • How to measure return on investment
  • But you don’t need Social Media, you’re in the phone book
  • Ways that Social Media will affect you whether you use it or not
  • What’s the worst that could happen?
  • The viral nature of a Social Media crisis
  • Case study: ChapStick

Chapter 3: Obstacles, Concerns, and Solutions

  • Common areas of concern
  • Fear
  • Our needs
  • Legal implications
  • Intellectual property violations
  • Why you must have a communications policy
  • How to deal with negative online feedback
  • Why deleting negative public posts is a bad idea
  • Character always wins. Also known as “The Lady Test”

Chapter 4: Strategy and Action Items

  • How to get started in Reputation Management
  • Action items
  • Legacy and process management
  • Conclusion

Chapter 5: Resources

  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Other resources
  • Sample editorial calendar
  • Sample metric report
  • Bibliography

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