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LinkedIn just recently offered the ability to see the people that view your profile. This used to be a paid level of service. They tease you with some basic information but, of course, try to upsell you to learn more. When I look at this feature from a client’s profile, I can see a lot more than I can from my own. Take a look to see who’s been checking you out.

Navigate to your profile>Right hand column>Who’s Viewed Your Profile>Your Profile Has Been Viewed by X People….(click here)

Who Has Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Trends Views

They also give you trend information. This graph shows how many times your profile has been viewed over the last 90 days. It’s useful in guiding you as to what behaviors you undertake on LinkedIn affect viewings.

This is also one of the places where you can change the settings of how you appear when you look at others profiles. Check out your current setting and make a decision if you want to alter it. Remember, if you are intel gathering, recruiting, or checking out your competition, you can be seen here (if those people are aware that this feature is available to them).

LinkedIn Trends Search

Another option is to see how many times you’ve appeared in Search. The bonus of filling out your profile 100% is because it increases that amount of times you are served in searches.

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