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I heard a secret today. Pinterest is testing a new feature. They’re releasing secret boards so you can pin under wraps about what you are buying for Christmas, a plot to rule the world, or something else you simply aren’t ready to share. This feature has been highly requested by users and I, for one, am stoked. Let’s learn about how to setup Pinterest secret boards.

I logged into Pinterest this morning and scrolled down to the bottom of my boards and there they were.

Secret Pinterest Boards


These new boards stay out of categories and out of every other way pins are visible. You can have up to three and you’ll need to delete one if you need a new one. If someone adds you to their secret board, it doesn’t count against your allotted amount. BUT they control the board and can make it public at any time. You can add your friends and make mischief!

My secret Pinterest test board

Let’s talk about how you can use Pinterest secret boards!

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