I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you get WAY TOO MANY group digest emails from LinkedIn. Am I right? Every single time you join a group, check your settings. The default setting for digest emails is daily. You can belong to up to 50 groups. Ugh. That’s too much inbox action for me. I like them weekly. Here’s how to change them:

Group>More tab>Settings>Delivery Frequency>Weekly. See below.


LinkedIn Group Settings

*Sidenote – Do you see the Member Messages option in the image above? It says to “Allow members of this group to send me messages via LinkedIn.” Do you realize what that means? Free accounts receive 5 InMails. These are private messages, or emails, within LinkedIn that you can send to people you aren’t connected to. They run out fast and they want to charge you to get more. If there’s someone you want to connect with specifically, check the groups they belong to. See if you can join one so you have it in common. Once you belong to the group, you can send them an internal LinkedIn message because you can message them through the Member section (if they have the Member Messages option you see above selected).

Group Member Mail Option

But what if you belong to a lot of groups and want to set this in batch form rather than one at a time? Here are the steps:

Click on Your Name (upper right hand corner)>Settings>Groups, Companies & Applications (bottom left hand corner)>Set the frequency of Group Digest Emails

LinkedIn Main Settings Group Digest Emails

LinkedIn Group Notification Settings Multi

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