Blank facebook like box plug inDo you have a Facebook likebox plugin stream on your website that shows a miniature of your Facebook Page? Have you ever seen one that was blank? I had never seen it happen until I got a phone call from a client when it happened to him. I figured out one reason for it in case you have this problem

My client is a politician running for local office and he noticed on his website that the social plugin code that I had provided to the web designer wasn’t working anymore. The box that showed a small (and fully interactive) version of his Facebook Page was empty of information. I went from browser to browser to see how it represented differently but everything looked okay to me. I couldn’t figure it out UNTIL I logged out of Facebook. When you are logged out, these plugins empty out and have a “Sign Up” call to action.

Facebook Manage Permissions Country Setting

I went through many testing scenarios and when I took a look at the Manage Permissions section of the back end of his Facebook Page, I discovered the setting that makes this happen. It doesn’t seem that this would be the culprit but if you change anything in the country setting, this is the result. My client had changed the settings that I’d entered for the page and put  in United States and it effected the rendering of the code. Leave it empty and this won’t happen.

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