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I have a client that requested that I claim their pre-existing LinkedIn Company Page, update it, and make it spiffy for them. I said the fatal words, “This is a really easy project and shouldn’t take me long at all.” Well, 4 months later, I was shaking my head at how simple turned into painful. See my video on How to Get Help from LinkedIn.

There were a variety of factors that created a delay but much of the wait had to do with radio silence from LinkedIn. The first challenge was the fact that I was working with a department of a government. Actually, I’ve worked for this department many times and they really are awesome (I think Jeff Boland has something to do with that). So the speed at which things occur is on a completely different cycle than for for-profit organizations.

The second issue at hand was that the government body uses one domain for ALL its departments and employees. LinkedIn has a requirement to claim a company as an administrator that your primary email address must contain the domain of the company. Makes sense right? Well, it does to me too but it created a headache for me. We had to purchase the domain just for this purpose then create and confirm the email address. I insert this *new special email just for LinkedIn* (can you hear my high pitched crazy tone of voice here?) and make it the primary email. My expectation was that LinkedIn would recognize this new address and allow me to claim the page.

It did not work.

I filed a support ticket. Help? No.

I filed another support ticket. Help? Not even close.

I filed another support ticket. Help? Hahhhahhhahhhhhhhhaaaaaa (craaaazy laughter)

I decided to go postal on this one. I went to Twitter and called them out in the loudest voice I could muster. I didn’t want to but I knew it would work. I have to say again, publicly, I really like LinkedIn and I’m grateful they were able to help. BUT my suggestion to you is, if you need help from LinkedIn, call them on Twitter using @LinkedInHelp.

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Full LinkedIn Twitter Support Conversation

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