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I live in Sonoma County, CA and has been voted the number one county in the state for volunteerism multiple times, according to the Corporation for National & Community Service. When businesses are looking for content to write about on a blog or other social media channel, how you volunteer and contribute to your community is a great subject to highlight.

Where I live, you have to volunteer your time. It’s a cost of doing business. If that’s something your company or organization invests and believes in, then talk about some of the projects and good deeds you are involved in and causes that are important to you.

Yes, I know we were taught not to toot our own horns but it is important in today’s business climate to communicate to the public your commitment to the community you live in.

Benefits of Being a Volunteer

  1. It shoKerry spreading dirt at DeMeo parkws you are participating and that you care about something more than just making money.
  2. The avenues of service you choose may be a deciding factor for your customers and prospects. If a person is passionate about youth activities, the fact that you are a Boy/Girl Scout leader will help them make a purchasing decision. Make sure to put it on your website, blog, and LinkedIn profile because it helps you stand out from your competitors.
  3. It shows the kind of company that you are (post pictures of your activities!) and emphasizes what your company morals are about.
  4. Social consciousness and corporate giving are important to many of your employees and potential candidates. This speaks to your culture and will help them make a decision to work for you or with you.
It’s our world. If we don’t take care of it, who will? And yes, your customers DO care about how much YOU care.
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