blue facebook f on its side promoting your facebook posts

There is a new feature that Facebook rolled out allowing you to promote posts. There have been reports that Facebook Pages only reach 16% of the people that like a page. Promoting your Facebook posts will allow you to pay to have more fans see posts you deem important for three days. I decided to test it out.

You have to enter in your credit card information in the Account Settings>Payments area but since I already had mine filled in, the process was pretty painless. My only complaint is that it duplicated my post so I have split results as to whom saw it. I am hoping I don’t get billed twice for this! See the screenshot below to show you how it looked to me. The amount of people it reached shot up quite quickly, so I’m pleased with that but I wasn’t able to see it in my own feed. I had to ask my assistant to double check to see if she saw two as well (she did). One of them is larger because I highlighted the post.

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