How to Get Back LinkedIn Invitations

Why hasn’t that person accepted your LinkedIn invitation? I’m sure it’s not that they don’t love you or that you aren’t fabulously skilled. It might be that they’ve created themselves multiple accounts (quite common) and don’t check the email that you sent your invite to. They may simply not use LinkedIn. It could be they’ve forgotten their password and haven’t checked it since they turned on their account. You only get 3000 invitations on LinkedIn* so use them wisely!

Here’s how to get back some of the outstanding invitations you’ve sent:

  • Navigate to your LinkedIn Inbox
  • Click on Sent in the left hand navigation bar
  • Select each line that has Accepted after the name and Delete (I deleted over 200)
  • You will be left with the invitations that haven’t been accepted
  • At the top of the list, you can select All and click on Delete to get back those invites

LinkedIn Invites

You can also use this “take back” if you’ve invited someone by mistake or have second thoughts about connecting. I was testing a Connect button during a LinkedIn lesson with a client and accidentally invited someone I totally did not know. I went and took back the invite the next day.

Simply connecting with others on LinkedIn doesn’t make magic happen. This is a digital representation of your physical network. When you need information, services, help, or work, your network is where you go. LinkedIn simply makes it easier to know the skills and abilities of your network. See this blog about why LinkedIn is the place professionals do business or read my LinkedIn blog category to get your fill on the subject.

*I have heard that you can request more from Customer Service, though I don’t know how effective that is but here are two emails I’ve found for this need: or


  • so…is there a reason younare deleting the accepted and pending invitations separately? any reason not to just delete all ?

    • I wanted to see the outstanding ones by themselves as a group to count how many I was “getting back”. Also, for screenshot purposes.

      • Got it. So, once you’ve deleted the invitations, does your “counter” go back to 3000??? (Not that I’m likely to ever reach that number…) And deleting the ones who’ve already accepted, I assume, doesn’t delete them from your contacts.

        • My understanding is that you get 3000 over the life of your account. So if you have 500 contacts, you only have 2500 invites left.

  • I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I am quite sure I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

    • I’m glad you find it valuable, Maurice! Is there anything specifically you are interested to know more about?

  • Hi Kerry – Thanks for your advice. Can you confirm: by deleting all these unintentionally sent invitations (as per your instructions), am I actually removing them from other people’s inboxes or just my own sent box? 

  • Nice discussion. Thanks Kerry Rego for the posting how to get back linkedin invitations. 

  • Great information, thank you. There are so many hidden/secret facets of LinkedIn that it is good to have help like this. I do have another question. I realized that I had sent an invitation to a connection who is deceased. How does LinkedIn deal with this since that person is probably still getting requests since his family never realized he had an account?

  • what ir you delete by mistake an invitation someone sent you? Is there a trash bin or something one can use to dig it back?


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