I was invited to participate in Maximum Buzz at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary on March 22, 2012. The goal was to have a mini-retreat for online professionals. [See my photoset on Flickr] Their words say it better than I can:

“We’re planning our own version of Web 3.0 – and it’s not [really] about the Internet, it is real people, in real-time. Social media, online networking and Internet marketing is based virtually, but it’s fueled by authentic, engaging conversation. Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary wants to open its doors to bloggers, social media experts and online marketing professionals to network, share ideas and compare notes (and have a little fun). So much of what you do is virtually based, we want you, live and in person to come to Osmosis and unwind.” [See their photoset on Facebook]

We sometimes forget what makes technology work is people. As a culture, we are beginning to look more closely at how we live our lives. I know that technology isn’t the final answer. People are. Don’t forget the enjoyment you derive from being in the same room with other individuals. On that night, we had active conversations about technology, what it means to us personally, and how it’s effecting us.

Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the good conversation, the chair massages, the cedar enzyme foot baths, or maybe it was the fire dancer. I don’t know. What I do know is we can’t exist in a vacuum and when I walked away from that event, I felt more alive than when I walked in.

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  1. […] This peaceful location and the quiet that permeates the grounds was exactly the antidote to the stressful and fast paced life that I live. I want to thank Melena and owner Michael Stusser for hosting me and a friend to come enjoy this experience. In order for me to stay whole and healthy, I do believe that Osmosis may play a large part in it. [See another experience I had at Osmosis just a couple weeks later here.] […]

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