You learned a lot of information when you attended “Risks & Reputation Management: Using Social Media to Protect Your Brand”. Or maybe someone you know wasn’t able to come. What are the takeaways?

Disclaimer: You will not be able to accomplish all of this in one day. I want to help manage your expectations. You will want to set aside time to accomplish these tasks on a regular basis (maybe once or twice a week) until you’ve worked your way through the list. Pace yourself. What you learn in this process about the online image of your name and your business will be worth all the effort.

• Perform a vanity search (*1)
• Respond to negative commenters in a positive and validating way (*2)
• Setup Google Alerts (*1)
• Setup Google Places (*3)
• Setup business on Directories (*3)
• Legacy Management/Process (*4)
• Assess Computer Systems security (*4)
• Create a Crisis Plan (*4)
• Setup internal Social Media Communications Policy (*4)
• Assess customer service requirements with survey (*2)
• Review website (I recommend reading it out of order to to more easily spot errors) for correct information, functionality, browser compatibility, update on a schedule to keep rankings high with Google (*4)

Blogs to show you how to do the action items:

*1 – Tools for monitoring your reputation

*2 – How to deal with negative customer feedback

*3 – Get yourself listed on the web

*4 – Legacy and process management, steps to take

You can also buy any or all of my books. What You Don’t Know About Social Media CAN Hurt You: Take Control of Your Online Reputation includes all of this information and much more! The Social Media Starter Kit is when you are ready to go on the offensive and build your social media strategy. You can also get the Workbook that allows you to work alongside the book and it includes cheatsheets that the main book does not. Click on the picture below.

Kerry Rego Social Media Books

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