We knew that Facebook was going to introduce Timeline for Pages today but they jumped the gun and debuted it late last night. I turned mine on early this morning and have been tinkering with it all day. You have the ability to preview it and work with it up until March 30, 2012 when it’ll go live for all Pages. Here is a synopsis for you.

What you need to know:

  • Default landing tabs are gone (if you still use FBML, it will disappear completely in June 2012)
  • There is a Message feature so fans (and non fans) can privately communicate with Page admins
  • The custom apps or tabs are now 760px wide (and you can change their images)
  • The Timeline will go into effect for all pages March 30
  • You can pin an important post to the top for a maximum of 7 days
  • You can highlight posts to make them bigger.
  • You can add Milestones as well (you can change the date of the post so that it fits in chronologically)
  • This is the visual story of your business or organization

Your cover photo may be up to 850px by 315px, but may not include:

  • Calls to action such as “Go to our website” or “Like this page”
  • No reference to Facebook features such as Like, Share, Comment, etc.
  • Contact info for the business (this should be in About)
  • Price information

Here is a great guide by TechCrunch. See how to adjust and rename your custom apps.

Are you turning yours on now or waiting?

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  1. Jessica Murr of Social Media Support Services
    Jessica Murr of Social Media Support Services says:

    I’ve avoided timeline on my profile all along – its human nature to resist change. But after reading your article and a few others published today I’m STOKED to test it out and start teaching my clients about Timeline for Pages!

    • Kerry Rego
      Kerry Rego says:

      Jessica, I’m so pleased to have had an effect on your outlook regarding the Timeline. Go out there and help your clients get excited! I can hear it through your text :-) Thanks for the comment.


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