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If someone has the audacity to call themselves “social media expert” or “guru”, I recommend that you avoid them. There are some out there flaunting these self-appointed titles. People frequently use those titles to introduce me and it makes me uncomfortable. I understand that it’s natural to use them when referring to someone that knows more than you on a specific subject (particularly social media). My view is that there is always so much more to learn and someone that knows more than I.

I don’t care who you hire, I just want you to get what you paid for and that the solutions they provide are the right ones for your needs not a package that they want to sell you. It’s common for me to see what another vendor has (over)charged my client. I have to tamper how angry it makes me to see good people get ripped off but those taking advantage or those that have no business doing that particular job.

Take a look to see what work that person has produced, check out their website, their LinkedIn, talk to them to get a feel for their expertise aka does their resume show that they are a social media expert or did they just call themselves that? Do your research and go with your gut.

If you want to get guidance, read my blog on how to hire a social media professional.

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