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I am sunsetting an old email system and was going through a folder of writings I wanted to expand upon and I found this:

“I realize that I’ve become frustrated with the speed that life works at in the physical realm. When I have to physically be somewhere, the amount of time it takes to get there and do that is painful. The internet has spoiled me. Instantaneous action, activity, and results is what I expect and the physical world frequently disappoints me.”

This was actually recorded in my car on an audio file. I could hear the frustration in my voice as I listened to it. I was speaking really slowly like I was trying not to wring the steering wheel dry. Like the very idea was painful and I was trying not to go postal.

What I know is that the pace you *can* work at is different than the pace a human *should* work at. I took my first real vacation in 6 years recently. By real, I mean in a hotel, without the kid, in a beautiful place where I actually wanted to be. I came back a changed woman. I thought so and now hearing my voice from about 8(ish) months ago, it’s even more obvious.

Just because the world runs at such a furious pace, doesn’t mean you have to. You don’t have to use every tool, read every book, watch every show, go to every event, or know everything. You simply can’t. Give yourself a break and go take one. Get a massage. Get adjusted. Take a nap. Relax.

Me on my morning walk. Glamorous!

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  1. Gabriella
    Gabriella says:

    This is very true…. sometimes we work so hard, more so than expected that we sometimes forget to slow down and think of ourselves. I need to go on a holiday…. even if it is in a city close to where i live at but I just need the ability to order proper room service and lie in.
    You are right, we cannot always do everything…. we need to slow down for a bit.
    At least you feel a bit better than you were feeling a few months back

    • Kerry Rego
      Kerry Rego says:

      Gabriella, go do it! Even if it’s the next town over, rest and order in, your body and mind will thank you. I feel better in so many ways. It’s helped me mentally approach the issues that are outstanding and unsolved with a new insight.


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