Social Media Resources for Youth Summit at Santa Rosa Junior College

The 7 C’s of Social Media by Dose of Digital (resource site no longer exists)

  1. Communication (public relations)
  2. Cause support (philanthropy)
  3. Contests (game metric)
  4. Collaboration (thought leadership)
  5. Connecting others (networking)
  6. Customer service (listening)
  7. Community building (loyalty)

Reputation Management Tools

  1. Go on the offensive by having your own web presence.
  2. Buy your own domain name at GoDaddy. Domains average about $11 per year. If you buy more than one year, it gets cheaper (buying in bulk savings).
  3. Start writing your own blog (it’s free!) using Blogger or WordPress. There are others. Just start writing, posting, and putting your words out there.
  4. Set up Google Alerts to be aware of your name (or Twitter handle or blog URL etc.) when it appears on the web.

Examples of What Can Be Done With *Simple* Tools

  1. Pen & Paper. William Shakespeare did alright with these tools.
  2. Screwdriver. Build a house, a car, a robot, a spacestation. Just a screwdriver? I think not.
  3. Web Presence. A little website by the name of WikiLeaks was able to make web presence go from inconsequential to shaking the walls of governments around the globe.
  4. Blog. Mark Zuckerberg wrote a blog while he wrote the code for the original version of Facebook. It’s now considered historical record.
  5. Facebook. A great way to connect with friends, family, customers, and supporters of your cause or organization. Some dismiss it as silly and a waste of time but what if it aids in a revolution?
  6. Twitter. Yet another tool that people accuse of being a waste of time. I see it as a way to learn, connect, grown, stay informed, and be at the cusp of everchanging news. The new term to know? Citizen Journalism.
  7. Kinect. On the surface it’s a game. But technologists and designers are barely wrapping their brains around what this new application can do for us.
  8. YouTube. This is the video search engine owned by Google. The power of video simply can’t be denied. Capture what is happening, post, and expose it to the world (literally). Video can change everything. (See Aimee Mullin’s video on

What do you see that needs to be changed? What kind of a difference can you make in your community. What *simple* tool can you take advantage of? Just think of the possibilities.

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