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Facebook is notorious for changing their product on what seems like a weekly basis.  I’m an optimist and what I tell my clients is that this never ending wheel of upset has made us better at accepting the inevitable, life is about change. It’s normally not an easy thing for most to do but I wanted you to know there are some great things that came with this newest one. Here are the 10 most important things you need to know about this new layout.

  1. As a Page administrator, you now have the option of being notified when someone comments or posts on your Page! This is huge! No more stalking your Page for new comments. Whew! You can be more productive now. (Edit Page->Your Settings)
  2. You may now interact on Facebook as your Page. Your News Feed will fill with the other Pages you Like. You may only post on Profiles of people that have set their Profile as viewable by Everyone.
  3. The flip side of that is you can now post on your Page as yourself! This is a feature I’ve heard much clamoring for. Useful for Pages that have multiple administrators.
  4. Your Page wall is no longer in chronological order. Everyone sees a different order of posts based on a new weighting system. By using your Admin View function, you can view your Page in proper order. This is also where your Spam posts are, now known as Hidden Posts. UPDATE: William Allen (@SonomaWilliam) brought to my attention the backlash over this feature change. It hadn’t bothered me due to the fact that we are now getting notifications about posts and having Admin View to rearrange it but there is valid concern in not being able to view a Page in proper order. Weigh in on this.
  5. Have you seen the Moderation Feature? This is in your Manage Permissions area on the back end of your Page. It’s similar to blogs that allow you to block words. Think of all those spammy emails you get in your regular email box. List the words (trigger words) you do not want to see on your Page and any post violating this list will be marked as spam and put into Hidden Posts. You also have a Profanity Block List that lets you to set the level of profanity you will allow on your Page.
  6. You now have a Photo strip at the top just like your Profile does. The pictures that appear are the last that the administrator has uploaded or tagged the page in and will update as you upload anything new. Photos uploaded by non-administrators (fans) will not appear in this strip. Mouseover any photo you don’t want there and an X will appear. Once removed, the photo is still accessible, just not visible in the strip.
  7. Your Page’s photo is now 180px wide x 540px high.
  8. The tabs that used to be at the top of the page are now on the left hand side under your picture and are now called navigation links. If you have more than seven, you can click the More button at the bottom of the links and Edit, you can now rearrange the order they are in. Mari Smith recommends putting your custom landing page at the bottom so that new fans automatically see the whole list. Smart!
  9. You might not like this new layout. Guess what? You can switch over now or wait until 3/11/11 when all of them will be switched over.
  10. You can add FBML content to your Page until 3/10/11 (when all Pages get switched over to the new format automatically) and it will continue to be supported. After 3/11/11, you’ll need to use iFrames. Help on iFrames.

We gained some great new abilities and lost a couple but overall I think the change is good. What are your thoughts? What’s missing?

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