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I am overrun with emotion.

I have a couple blogs. One blog for business and one that serves as my own personal time capsule of cool places I’ve been to in my neighborhoods. I don’t put a whole lot of effort into because it’s very light hearted. I write when I feel like it. It’s mostly things my daughter and I do on the weekends.

I got a comment on a blog I wrote about my love for books but the comment didn’t really match the content. It was a young man from New York and unfamiliar to the area asking for advice about where to propose to his girlfriend. It tickled me to have a perfect stranger ask my opinion about such a large decision. I enjoyed giving him my suggestions for restaurants, beaches, and kite stores. A thanks from him and that was that.

Today, eight months later, I received an email from that same young man giving me an update. She said yes! He followed my suggestions and went to Goat Rock Beach and they rode  horses at Chanslor Ranch. I can’t tell you what a cool feeling it is to know that something I said in the empty cavern of the internet has changed a part of someone’s life.

How’s THAT for technology and the interwebs, huh?

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