Kerry with iPhone

When the iPad came out, I said, “I’ve already got one, it fits in my pocket.” Yes, that’s my joke about owning a miniature iPad….also known as an iPhone. It’s really about perspective.

When thinking of smartphones, I think a minor change in perspective is in order. Many people complain about the lack of reliability in the phone part of the iPhone service. But as many owners of smartphones know, the calling is really the least important feature. If my phone was marketed as a computer that makes phone calls, people would look at them so much differently.

The Need

I run an active business so of course I need a reliable phone. In December of 2006, I acknowledged having a phone that could access email and the internet was of growing importance to me. I was ready to dive into the deep sea of research on the only existing option at the time, the Blackberry. Just moments before beginning this task, the announcement of the “great game changer” occurred. This was the announcement of the upcoming release of the iPhone.

Being a Mac user and an early adopter of the iPod, I knew, I honestly knew this would change everything. So I waited. I waited 8 long months for the phone. But the phone was released in June of 2007, you say. Why 8 months?

The Bleeding Edge is Bloody

Once upon a time, I was a bleeding edge adopter with the new Handspring Visor that taught me being the first to purchase isn’t such a good idea. I try to wait a minimum of 8 weeks before purchasing new technology for major bugs to be worked out (death grip much?).

I regretted my purchase for one weekend. Thanksgiving of 2007. AT&T had a major outage and my local Apple store filled with people that thought there was something wrong with their phone (myself included). After that long weekend, I really haven’t felt that way again. Nothing is perfect. When people figure that out, life gets easier. Sure I want tethering and sometimes I want Flash but overall I love my phone.

Convenience & Balance

My office is in my home and I try very hard to keep my desktop computer turned off on the weekends. My family uses the disposable PC laptop (another story) and two iPhones for entertainment consumption and reading emails and saved links. Business is kept to a minimum. What I notice now is that my phone almost never rings on the weekend. Not that it’s not working, I simply don’t communicate with my wide network via phone anymore. You can catch me via text, Facebook, Twitter, email, LinkedIn etc. but by phone? That’s so last decade.

I’m telling you, if Apple marketed the iPhone as a palmtop computer, the perception of their reception woes would be over. A miniature computer that makes phone calls, you say? Get out! What will they think of next?

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