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I think we experience ageism more as we grow older. We experience it from ourselves more than from another person. A large part of my services revolve around training users on technology. I hear this over and over, “I’m too old.” “Everyone else gets computers but me.” “I don’t get this stuff because I’m too old for technology.” It seems to start around 40. We are putting OURSELVES out to pasture.

Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media didn’t coin the term Web 2.0 until 2004. Websites weren’t even available until the late 1990’s. Why do we beat ourselves up so much when it comes to technology and what we think we’re supposed to know in comparison to others? There isn’t a big manual that everyone else owns. Each of us is learning every single day. It’s the same in tech as in life. We have to learn and grow every day as the world changes around us.

Even though we think we CAN’T, we ARE learning every day. Did you know that almost 50% of adults 50-64 are social networking? And 26% of those 65 and over are as well? (Pew Research)

Next time you find yourself saying you’re too old for technology, realize that you are as young as you feel. The only way to stay ahead of the waves is to grab a surfboard!

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  1. Kendra
    Kendra says:

    Thank you for posting this. I am in the upper age group and am much more tech savvy than my son and even my grandchildren. It tires me when I hear things about the boomer generation not being up to date on things such as social media.

    • Kerry Rego
      Kerry Rego says:

      Kendra, I get really frustrated with the stereotypes in the media of “old” and “young”. When I get asked about young people being better at new media, I always ask what young is to them. It’s not about age, it’s about passion and curiosity. I know ageism is alive and well but I find we subject ourselves to it more than anyone else.
      Thanks for your comment! – Kerry


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