ladylike pearls

I passed a lady test today.

You’ve heard the saying, “A lady never _____.” No one ever said this to me directly but I did take note of class all by myself. I don’t live in a world where gloves, pearls, and finger sandwiches exist but the pearls are still the sign of a classy lady.

There is an image of this lady in my head. Sometimes she looks like Audrey Hepburn, quiet and graceful with doe eyes. Other times she is Claire Huxtable from the Cosby Show. A smart, clever, funny, beautiful woman that does not suffer fools.

When I am approached about my thoughts on privacy issues and the internet, the ghost of the lady is in my head. When Google Buzz unintentionally released users’ address books to all that they contained, the ensuing uproar over loss of privacy and security was expected. I heard somewhere that it’s really about control. We were under the illusion that we had control over our information. When we lose that control, we get upset. But the question I want to ask is, did we ever really have control to begin with?

I say this, “From the second you step out your door, you are most likely being recorded. From the security cameras in your complex, the passing Google Street View car, a satellite image, a cell phone with camera and video, the computers you use, the emails and texts you send, the credit cards you charge with, pretty much everything you do is being tracked. You can’t let that stop you but I hope you think twice about the choices you make.”

When on Facebook, I am reminded that my grandmother (grama is how we spell it), stepmom, sister and clients are reading my posts and seeing my activity. I am telling you, there is nothing like a grama watching to keep you in line.

The lady test I passed? A woman I respect for her honesty, intelligence, wit, devotion, and genteel nature expressed to me how impressed she was with the way I carried myself, who I was, and how I conducted business. This is a woman that definitely fits into the lady category. No matter that she is younger than I am. To know that those I esteem recognize in me those same qualities means I am making the right choices.

Can you pass the “lady test”? You don’t have to be a woman. It’s about conducting yourself in a certain way, a way that makes you or your family proud. Know that everything you do counts. Every person you come in contact with is affected by you. There are no throw aways or do overs. Pretend your grama’s watching.

A thank you to some great ladies in my life: Cassie Johnson, Pam Austin, Colleen Quirk Dillaway, Marian Quirk. There are more but these ladies play a part in this post.

*UPDATE 6/26/11 This post is a carry over from my last blog and was the most read post I’ve ever written. It holds true and “The Lady Test” is something I say all the time. Online reputation management is a growing field. Make sure what you post is how you want to be remembered.

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  1. Laura Rosa
    Laura Rosa says:

    Love this – LOVE you – Love that you are a TRUE brilliant Lady inside & outside AND you ARE the “Ladylike Gracious Brilliant Computer Bomb” for life!

    Trust the Holidays were a blessing for you & those you care about (saw that photo of looooong hair)… and that 2012 will be EVERYTHING you need & want it to be! Loves – L


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