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I absolutely love the new internet.

There I said it. I love the design aesthetic, the rounded buttons and the three dimensional depth. All the sexy colors and no more Flash intros! Augmented reality and QR codes are already in your local stores. It’s truly awesome being able to socialize without having to get dolled up. I can stalk people and keep tabs on the friends that I feel guilty about not spending more time with. Or I can be a voyeur and stare at others without running the risk of them noticing (not like in public).

I own my own business and run it from the office in my bedroom. I have ecommerce and HTML on my website without having paid a dime to a developer or designer. I can accept payments via credit card without a traditional credit card terminal. I have a fax number but don’t have a physical machine. I can shoot video or audio, edit, upload and broadcast without a studio. Use freemium open sources software to schedule, create documents, and run my sites.

My conference room is the locally owned coffee shop with great wi-fi. And don’t get me started on my palmtop computer (other people call it a smartphone). I didn’t need a laptop until I started professionally speaking. It was only necessary so that I could bring my own gear to events loaded and ready to go for my presentations. But I don’t NEED a laptop. My trusty Mac and iPhone have done me wonders. I have an iPad but mine fits in my pocket.

Cable TV? What’s that?

My inexpensive (I mean REALLY inexpensive) laptop is a glorified DVD player and is treated as such. Step 1 Netflix + Hulu = all the TV I need. All I need now is the cord to hook it up to my lonely and huge flat screen TV. Since regular cable went away, it doesn’t get used that much. Sometimes it becomes the stereo (iPhone + Pandora + cord + TV = a big dance party). I invested in some standard equipment and pay a decent monthly rate for my broadband modem. Though I might just explode if the digital transfer and modem speeds were to match up to other advanced countries.

My point in all this is look at how much one can do with limited resources. I’m wondering when people will figure out that we are all able to do MORE with less. I know that those overbuilt commercial buildings will remain empty. Why? Because if I can run my creative empire from a coffee shop or my kitchen table, why would I go back to the old model? Mumbling, grumbling, change, lack of privacy, bah humbug. Did I mention how awesome Google and IMDB (Internet Movie Database) are at settling bets?

My life + the internet, it only gets sweeter.

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