5 ways to post to facebook

Didn’t I say 5 was my magic number?

I like to think that there are 5 main ways to update your social media. I like 5 because I can count it on one hand, its not too much of a commitment. It’s bite sized. *UPDATE 6/25/11 There is a new way to update. Some platforms (I’m looking at you Facebook) have added a polling feature.

I got the idea of 5 post types from the status update box on Facebook. If you look at it, you will see the “What’s on your mind?” or blinking cursor. I think of that as #1, and the easiest, text. Text is whatever you feel like saying. Thoughts, quotes, funny sayings, questions, random information, etc.
When you look at the icons below that box you will see the rest.

#2 is Links. These are great articles or items to share with your audience that you feel are of value. It could be research, tips, articles, a link to someone else’s work, examples of your own work, or a trusted news source.

#3 is Pictures. When they say pictures are worth a thousand words, they aren’t kidding! Imagine the businesses and services that are screaming for pictures! Real estate, beauty services, art, food, hospitality. Anything that is three dimensional and can have a quality of beauty.

#4 Events. Everyone loves a good party. Tell us what’s going on with you and your organization. Parties, open houses, dedications, anniversaries, 1 day sales, you get the idea. It could be an event you are attending or are participating in in some way. Invite us!

#5 Video is the last, the most valuable, and the most underused. Video is visual, audible, allows your audience to get a feel for your personality and has excellent SEO capability. Have you ever picked up the phone to talk to someone when you realized it would take too long to write it down? Sometimes the message is just better in that extra dimension.

We all get stuck sometimes about what we want to share. My mantra is that it must be of value, people must want to hear what you’re contributing. 5 fingers on your hand, 5 days in the business week, 5 ways to post.

What about you? Share with us what YOU find valuable.

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