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I get a lot of questions about how to create a Facebook Page. With Profiles, Pages, Groups and Community Pages, most people aren’t sure what they need. That is definitely a conversation for another time but I will answer this common question,

“What’s the best reason to have a Page?”

You can update your followers through the status box and it goes directly into people’s feeds without them having to do anything unlike a Group. That and it’s a basically a free website with great search engine optimization (SEO) power.

If you’ve already decided to create a page, here are some simple instructions:

  1. Make sure you are logged out of Facebook
  2. From the sign in/sign up page of Facebook, click on Create a Page right underneath the green Sign Up button. (Create a Page can also be found on every single Page of which you are not an admin.)


3. Choose the kind of Page: Local Business; Brand, Product or Organization; or Artist, Band or Public Figure ****If you are feeling like being an informed user, I suggest trying this process out thoughtfully. You are now able to change the categories of your business. The Info tab is now the same from type to type. I also updated the picture as the screen cap from the previous publish was out of date.

4. When you choose your category, you will fill in basic information like name of page (changeable later if necessary), address, phone, etc. Agree to terms and conditions.

5. I get a security confirmation code. Enter in the encrypted language to get to the next step.

6. On the Create a Facebook Account, please select I already have a Facebook account if you do and enter in your email and password and login.

RANT: Really, don’t create an account for The Brand Page. This is a seriously confusing point for many. You as a person are the center of the wheel with a Personal Profile. You can create as many Pages as you wish for business, products and services but they are simply spokes on the wheel where you are the center. Kerry can have a page for social media, professional speaking, consulting, etc. but there is truly only one account. The same one you log into when you want to talk to your friends. Don’t be a person that has two accounts, a personal and one that’s a business that “friends” people. That’s annoying! END OF RANT

7. Your page is set up! I suggest going to Edit Page which is right underneath the photo (currently a question mark). This is like your thermostat, it has all the settings for the house. See my blog here for more Facebook tips or this one about the importance of claiming your custom URL.

Do you know something I should? Please leave a comment. Thanks!



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